New animations in Arrabal!

26 03 2009

We have put new animations in Arrabal Tango Club. Now all stools, chairs, sofas and benches should allow proper sit. There is a barman animation in the bar, and a piano anim in the piano. There is even a sing anim near the piano — just pick a copy of the mic over the piano, wear it, and jump on the ball!

The grid is running now the official Opensim 0.6.3 Windows binary and the Parallel Selves Message Bridge!

13 03 2009

You can type “/bridge co yourSLpassword”> and you will be able to IM your SL friends (this only works is your name in Condensation is the same as in SL).

Welcome to the Condensation Land Private Grid!

6 03 2009

Welcome! We are beta testing the grid, thanks to all the people who are helping us to test! :-)