New animations in Arrabal!

26 03 2009

We have put new animations in Arrabal Tango Club. Now all stools, chairs, sofas and benches should allow proper sit. There is a barman animation in the bar, and a piano anim in the piano. There is even a sing anim near the piano — just pick a copy of the mic over the piano, wear it, and jump on the ball!



2 responses

8 02 2010
Mikil Tiki

I have tried out the stools next to the bar
OK my butt is a little … well some.. anyway, let’s say the cushions are very soft
check my Mikil Tiki Septem gallery on flickr to view the effect – I cropped the photos so there might not be much visible
no urgency naturally
what is missing naturally are the automatic animations, which are certainly not mportable from the SL stores
I suppose someone should do them anew. What ? me ? oops, spoiled me should shut up instead of complaining about stuff I do not understand
is music available ?


8 02 2010
Zonja Capalini

Anims and quality clothes are the only missing things right now — if we had good clothes and good anims, Opensim would be absolutely indistinguishable from SL. Katiya has sent me some couple dances with the indication that they are for Opensim, but unfortunately some of the stuff is not full perms — I’ll have to check with her; having couple anims would be really great, even if they are not tango dances…

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