Check the works of Florence Babenco in the Mirror Worlds exhibition!

23 11 2009

Hi all,

We have added a new artist to the Mirror Worlds exhibition: Florence Babenco. Florence is an old SL friend of Ludmilla and me, since the times of the “Las Tres Gracias” exhibition in SL, and she is a great artist. We’re very proud to have her works displayed in Mirror Worlds.

0693 - Florence Babenco in Mirror Worlds

0695 - Mirror Worlds - Update - Florence Babenco




9 responses

23 11 2009
florence babenco

Very honored to be a part of a new exhibition with you. Really delighted! Thank you for the invitation, the choice of photos and the work made in – wold.
See you soon :))

23 11 2009
Zonja Capalini

A real pleasure, sincerely! :-) Your work is outstanding :-)

23 11 2009

Felicitaciones a todos los participantes y felicitaciones a ti, Zonja, por esta página que comienza su recorrido con tanto arte !!!

23 11 2009
Zonja Capalini

Gracias, guapa! :-) Es una bloguificación de lo que sacábamos en la loginpage de Condensation, me pareció más bonito así. Me alegro de que te guste! :-)

23 11 2009
florence babenco

Gracias chicas :))))

Espero verle allá!!!!!

Estoy verdaderamente contenta de recobrarle y qué la exposición sea extendida esta vez con nuevos artites.

Hasta luego alli!

18 01 2010


My compliments on a great publication….

I have my own stand alone and look forward to all your publications :-)


Is the Condensation land grid open to the general public ?

I thought I saw an article saying is was closed; only by invitation……

18 01 2010
Zonja Capalini

Thanks! :-) Condensation is accessible via the hypergrid at (centered at 7789,7789). We don’t give out accounts automatically, but if you want one, just email me with your desired avatar first name, last name and password, and I’ll create a courtesy account for you :-)

8 02 2010
Mikil Tiki

wow the exhibition is expanding, I will go again, and try to drag more visitors in
they are so shy !!!

8 02 2010
Zonja Capalini

It takes people *ages* to understand what is all about, yes :-( I’m convincing new people for the v2.0 version of the exhibition, Nessy is already in, have to send some delicate Flickrmail to some big names shoshisn has been talking to… I can’t reveal the names until the deal is made, but if they accept this will be *big* :-)

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