Now running Diva distro r11766 — please check the new items in the Opensim Library

24 12 2009

Hi all,

We are now running release 11766 of the Diva distribution. As noted in this post by Diva, this release includes a very nice mechanism by which you can add content to the Opensim Library with maximum ease. I’ve added all the freebies provided by Diva (thanks! :-)), and I’ll be adding shortly other freebies prepared by Favio Piek.

As usual, please email me if you encounter any problem/difficulty, etc.


Great post by Shockwave Plasma about Condensation Land!

14 12 2009

It’s a wonderful, very detailed post. Read it here. Many thanks, Shockwave! :-)

Updated to Diva r11651

10 12 2009

Hi all,

The grid has been updated to r11651 of the Diva distribution. Please email me if you find any bug, etc.