Uploading stuff with Second Inventory: a short tutorial

6 02 2010

Some people have reported difficulties in uploading stuff to the Condensation Land grid with Second Inventory. Here’s a short guide explaining how to do it. We will assume that you have bought a copy of Second Inventory, installed it, and managed to download your stuff from Second Life to your hard disk.

Step 1: Defining the “Condensation Land” grid.

First of all, we have to define a custom grid for “Condensation Land” — Second Inventory comes preloaded with the most known grids, but Condensation is not one of them. To define Condensation to Second Inventory, we have to:

1.a) Start Second Inventory:

You should get a screen similar to the following:

0797 - Second Inventory - Initial screen

Don’t attempt to log in at this stage! We have to define Condensation first!

1.b) Press the “Preferences” button

You will get a panel like the following:

0798 - Second Inventory - Preferences panel

1.c) Select the “Custom Grids” tab

You will most probably get an empty list — in my case it shows an entry for the Rezzable Private Grid.

0799 - Second Inventory - Custom Grids tab

1.d) Press the “Add Grid” button

0800 - Second Inventory - Grid Details dialog

1.e) Fill in the details

In the “Short name” field, write “Condensation”; in “Grid Name”, “Condensation Land”, in “Login URI”, “http://condensationland.com:9000”; ensure that the “Grid Engine” dropdown has the “Opensim” option selected; leave all the remaining fields as per their default (as shown in the image).

0801 - Second Inventory - filling in the grid details

1.f) Press “Confirm”

You will get back to the “Custom grids” panel, which will now show a new entry for Condensation Land.

0802 - Second Inventory - Grid added!

1.g) Press the “Close” button

We are now back to the main Second Inventory screen:

0797 - Second Inventory - Initial screen

Now we can try to connect to Condensation Land.

Step 2: Connecting to the Condensation Land grid

2.a) Selecting “Condensation Land”

Click the “Grid” dropdown. You will see a new entry reading “Condensation Land” (at the end). Select it:

0803 - Second Inventory - Selecting the Condensation grid
2.b) Fill in your log in details

Enter your avatar name (if you’re using the multi-avatar version) and your password for the Condensation Land grid (not your Second Life password). Choose your start location if you wish.

0804 - Second Inventory - Filling your login details

2.c) Press the “Connect” button

After some seconds you will be connected to the Condensation Land grid!

0805 - Second Inventory - Connected to Condensation!

Step 3: Upload your stuff to the Condensation Land grid

3.a) Select an item you want to upload

Click your avatar name in the “RL inventory” tab — a small “+” sign will appear. Click it. You will see an inventory with the stuff you have transferred. Click the small “+” signs until you have identified the item you want to upload:

0806 - Second Inventory - Select the item you want to upload

3.b) Right click the item, select “Restore”

A new panel will appear:

0807 - Second Inventory - The 'Manage the Object' panel

3.c) Click “Start Restore”

A progress screen will appear, and after a short while you will get a completion report panel:

0808 - Second Inventory - Restore successful

You can dismiss this panel.

Step 4: Repeat step 3 for all the items you want to upload

Step 5: Log off from Second Inventory

Press the “Disconnect” button, then close the Second Inventory window.

Step 6: Clear your viewer’s cache

If you don’t do that, the items you have just uploaded can take several hours to show in your Condensation Land inventory

That’s it!

You can now log in normally to Condensation Land, and you will find all the stuff you have uploaded in your inventory



5 responses

8 02 2010
Mikil Tiki

you are admirable Zonja
I did already several of those steps, must have tripped somewhere on the path
have I said Thank You ? I will say it again to be sure
ain’t I a demanding trial pilot ? slow learner, ach…

I try that tomorrow, it will get a real start now, I will note all the steps and send you the detail so that you understand what I do wrong
the message I get is “Avatar name not recognised”

btw, there are RL holiday starting on Wednesday, two weeks no connection, so do not worry, I will be back after 28th Feb

8 02 2010
Mikil Tiki

(that silly programme cut off the kisses, pffft)

kissy kiss Zonja cara, take care


8 02 2010
Mikil Tiki

Next step will be to set up a giver for visitors, sort of flea market
I will have to work some doing the packages
But first content

8 02 2010
Zonja Capalini

You’re very welcome! :-) Since I wrote this article I’ve found that other people are also experiencing problems, for example Ant — very practical, now I direct them to here and it’s done.

We have to think about how to distribute the stuff we import — I think putting it in an IAR and having it automatically show in the Opensim Library is the best way, freebie shops tend to be horrible…

31 03 2010
Mikil Tiki

Doing it all over again, as I deleted stupidly the OpenSim from my harddisk, thinking it was an older version of SL I had kept as backup just in case. The disk being quite crowded, I had to lighten it a bit to allow a defragmentation, and speed up everything. Since then no connection to Condensation OD possible, gggrrr

I WILL BE BACK, LOL and knack open that inventory to Tralfalmadore-LaMikilina island OS for all to enjoy the freebies

wishing you all the best Zonja


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