A status report

26 08 2010


I’ve posted a quite detailed status report about Condensation Land in my personal blog.

Three islands by Omurtag Milev

26 08 2010

Hi all,

I’ve posted an article about Temple, Conceptior and AngelicoMiguelis, the new islands by Omurtag Milev, in my personal blog.

‘About’ page updated

20 08 2010


I’ve updated the ‘About’ page to be a little more informative. Please email me if you have some comment, correction, etc.

Condensation Land in Hyperica

18 08 2010

Maria Korolov, the editor of Hypergrid Business, has started a very nice directory of hypergrid enabled destinations called Hyperica. All the public regions in Condensation Land are listed in Hyperica: http://www.hyperica.com/tag/condensationland/.

0838 - Condensation Land in Hyperica

Indeed, we’re number seven in the top ten grids:
0839 - Condensation Land is the 7th top grid in Hyperica lol
Of course this is due to the fact that few regions have publicly enabled hypergrid yet — we’re a home-based, non-for-profit mini-world, created during our free time. Still, it’s nice to be there.

Many thanks, Maria! :-)

P.S.: I’m ashamed to add that we’ve been in Hyperica since at least March the 18, and I’ve not been able to report it till now, RL has been far too demanding lately… *sighs*

Upgraded to Diva r13558

17 08 2010

Hi all,

I’ve upgraded Condensation Land to use release 13558 of the Diva distribution (D2). R13558 is based on Opensim post fixes, and it incorporates all the changes and enhancements of Opensim 0.7, too numerous to list here.

D2 adds a great web new interface called “Wifi” to Opensim — you might need to redefine Condensation Land in your grid manager to make use of it. Simply open your grid manager, delete any reference to Condensation if there is any, click the “Add new grid” button, enter anything in the “Grid name” field (it will be filled automatically), and type “http://condensationland.com:9000” (without the quotes) in the “Login URI” field, then press “Get Grid info” and “Apply”.

0835 - Adding Condensation Land to Imprudence

The new web interface can be accessed at http://condensationland.com:9000/wifi — you will be able to change your password and your email, and you can do some simple forms of inventory management from the web.

0836 - Condensation Land has Wifi

Enjoy! :-) And, as always, if you find something erroneous/strange/missing, please email me and I’ll try to fix it asap.