Condensation Land is a virtual world powered by Opensimulator (Opensim). It runs on a non-dedicated Intel Core2 Quad CPU model Q6600 at 2.4 GHz with 3 GB of RAM and two SATA 372 GB hard drives running Windows XP SP 3. The network is a symmetrical 2Mb SDSL line provided by JazzTel.

The prehistory of Condensation Land is explained here. Condensation Land originally started with five regions, cloned from Second Life: Condensation Land, Condensation Beach, Condensation North, Condensation South, and Condensation SouthWest.

Condensation Land is the main region; it has a copy of Arrabal Tango Club, created by Favio Piek and the best tango club in Second Life; my home and my club; my 2889-prim Klein bottle, and a virtual exhibition called Mirror Worlds. You can find sculptures by Shoshisn Shilova in all the island.

Condensation Beach is the home of Ludmilla Writer.

Condensation South now includes a fantastic building created by Breen Whitman.

Condensation North includes a (never finished) rotating restaurant.

Condensation SouthWest includes Favio Piek‘s cafe.

With time, the virtual world has grown. Mikil Tiki has a region called Tralfamadore – La Mikilina, and Shoshisn Shilova one called Shoshisn. Omurtag Milev has contributed three fantastic islands called Temple, Conceptior and AngelicoMiguelis, too rich and detailed to describe here.

You can find a quite detailed status report about Condensation Land here (20100825)

I (Zonja Capalini) am the administrator and technical maintainer of Condensation Land.

Condensation Land is Hypergrid (1.5) enabled and centered at (7789,7789), and can be visited at secondlife://condensationland.com:9000.

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