The easiest way to connect to Condensation Land is by using the Hypergrid.

  1. You’ll need an account in OSGrid (free registration) or in any other hypergrid-enabled Opensim grid.
  2. Log in to OSGrid (or to your grid of choice), and teleport to a hypergrid-enabled region. If you are using an OSGrid account, you can try to teleport to the “Condensation Gateway” region (not always online).
  3. Open your map, and look for the region. If the region does not appear, you’re not on a hypergrid-enabled region.
  4. Teleport. If the teleport fails, it may be that you’re in a region too far apart from the center of Condensation Land. Condensation Land is centered at 7789,7789.

Another way to connect is to request an account at Condensation Land. Condensation Land is a free grid, but we don’t give out accounts indiscriminately. If you have done something for Condensation Land (helping to test or build it, given pictures, sculptures, buildings, etc) you already have an account. If you want to do something for Condensation Land (for example writing a blog article about it, taking some photos to later post them somewhere, make a review, etc), email me and I’ll create an account for you. Otherwise you can always visit using the hypergrid.


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18 01 2010


I’m attempting to bring Open Sim as a Design and Build space to my 120 UK customers who are involved in building and re-fitting new offices. Recently I’ve moved to OpenSIm and have been testing the build capabilities.

2nd Life has its drawbacks for those interested in 3D modelling and I’m disappointed and delighted in equal measure about differences in the two formats. This morning – having spend nearly 7 days work bringing my builds over from 2nd Life (one by one!) I was disappointed to not be able to walk up a spiral staircase with my avatar. Given the whole point for my UK clients is to enable the bill payer to “walk around” their new building with ease this inability to walk up the spiral staircase is rather crushing!

I have seen your blogs about Condensation Land and bringing it over to Open Sim and I wondered if I could visit to have a look for myself and if you’d be kind enough to set me up wiht an avatar since I cannot come via hypergrid. What I’d like much more actually is a quick chat with you by telephone (sorry .. old fashioned communication method!).

kindest regards
Anne-Marie Davey


18 01 2010
Zonja Capalini


I have a spiral ramp in Condensation and it works for me — what physics engine are you using? There are also subtle differences in the maximum heights you can climb in SL and Opensim…

Just email me with your first name, last name and password, and I’ll set up an account for you (you’ll find my email at You can include any question you may have there, and I’ll try to help :-)

[I’ve edited your comment to remove your phone number to protect your privacy]

22 04 2010
Maria Korolov

Zonja —

We returned to CondensationLand and added a few more regions to our directory:

Wow, what a great collection of fantastic builds! I hope to see some events held here, so more people get to see them.

No problems teleporting in — in face, I teleported in and out quite a bit to other grids (mostly Cyberlandia) while checking that the hypergrid addresses worked. No problems at all. Very stable, very fast!

— Maria Korolov
Editor, Hypergrid Business

22 04 2010
Zonja Capalini

Hey, many thanks! :-) We have the privilege to have been able to add several islands lately, full of stuff created by the highly talented shoshisn Shilova and Omurtag Milev, both friends of mine from SL. I plan on filming all this wonderful stuff and making a machinima, but I’m short on time in the RL side lately.

Re: stability: Condensation is wonderfully stable and lag-free, as you commented, which is quite astonishing because it’s a home-based machine and the sims are quite loaded (e.g., Condensation Land has > 10,000 prims). There’s an annoying bug which causes Opensim.exe to crash lately, but apart from that it works wonderfully — and the only cost is the enterprise-grade SDSL line (around 220 €/mo).

Thanks for all the work you’re putting in your directory — it’s a great and much needed job :-)

22 04 2010
Maria Korolov

Zonja —

What distribution of OpenSim are you running? Is it the Diva Distro? Or the standard OpenSim?

Also, judging by the hypergrid addresses, all these regions are running on a single server. What kind of machine are you using?

Meanwhile, it must be nice to have as much virtual land as you need. I can see a future — very soon — where new regions come at no additional cost (just like most Web hosting companies these days offer virtually unlimited space). I wonder how that will change how people create and use virtual worlds. :-)

— Maria

22 04 2010
Zonja Capalini

We’re currently on Diva’s disto, r11766; I’ve installed r12274 too, to see if it solved our crash problem, but it didn’t, and therefore I don’t see reasons to change — specially because the next version should incorporate the big services refactoring.

As you noticed, all the sims are in the same machine — the same Opensim process actually; at one time we were using two Opensim processes in a severless grid configuration, one with “public” islands and another with “private” ones (I mean regarding the MetaverseInk search service), but nowadays we do no longer need this combination.

The machine is running Windows XP SP3, and it’s an Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 running at 2.40 GHz with 3 GB of RAM and two standard 372 GB SATA HDs, assigned to C: and D:; Windows aperiodically burps its stuff to C: (swapfile, temps et al), and MySQL and Opensim access D:, which I’ve found is a quite practical arrangement. I take care to defrag the disks every so often, and of course to backup the MySQL database and the Opensim directory; apart from that, it’s a no-maintenance system.

Internet access is provided by JazzTel, a spanish ISP, and it’s a 2 Mb symmetrical SDSL line.

The Opensim process eats between 800 KB and 1 GB of RAM for 11 islands (the 10 you’ve catalogued in your directory and a private sandbox), which allows for ample space before we get to a memory trashing situation, and CPU consumption oscilates between 0% and 3%, which is very nice, taking into account both that the new islands by Omurtag have *tons* of scripted objects and the Opensim process is continuously storing the altered state, and that we must have at least 40.000 prims in total.

As you say, being able to have as much land as you need is a fantastic situation :-) Omurtag had created tons of sims in a private Opensim instance, but, as it happens to most prople, he wasn’t able to get a proper access to his sims from outside. And shoshisn’s creativity is endless; I’m very proud to have been able to allocate some virtual land to my friends to show their work.

When we started Condensation, it was as a rebellion against the Openspace fiasco — a rebellion which was very successful I might add :-) With time, Condensation/Opensim started to diverge from its previous SL incarnation: Breen Whitman contributed his fantastic gasworks building, currently located in Condensation South; shoshisn gave us some of her wonderful sculptures; I coordinated and setup, with the help of shoshisn and Ludmilla Writer, another of the original Condensation founders, the Mirrow Worlds art exhib, with works from seven SL photographers and artists; and lately Mikil Tiki and shoshisn have got a sim each, and Omurtag has brought three new sims for all to enjoy.

Now I see Condensation more like a public playground, and also as a proof-of-concept of the fact that for a relatively small amount of money (this would cost > 2,950 US$/mo +VAT in SL!) you can have 10 or more islands, full of wonderful stuff, and make it accesible to everybody.

As you well say, in a near future land will be free. When I think of all the wonderful sims that have been force-trashed by the deliriously high prices of SL I get very sad. LL’s position towards IP rights is very understandable, but a lot of wonderful (and historically significant) islands have been lost forever.

We’re pioneers of the 3D internet. Most probably, our stuff will look simple and primitive in some years — if Opensim survives and gets to be the Apache of virtual worlds, as I fervently wish. In any case, I don’t see any reason to dump it or delete it; to the contrary, I’m determined to spend the little free time I’ve left to care for it and make it grow. At this moment, amateur, non-for-profit grids like Condensation are works of love; it’s very nice to see prople showing some interest, as it is the only reward we get, and I thank you very sincerely for that :-)

P.S.: If you want to try Condensation with a local avatar, drop me an email and I’ll instantly create one for you.

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