A status report

26 08 2010


I’ve posted a quite detailed status report about Condensation Land in my personal blog.

Three islands by Omurtag Milev

26 08 2010

Hi all,

I’ve posted an article about Temple, Conceptior and AngelicoMiguelis, the new islands by Omurtag Milev, in my personal blog.

‘About’ page updated

20 08 2010


I’ve updated the ‘About’ page to be a little more informative. Please email me if you have some comment, correction, etc.

Upgraded to Diva r13558

17 08 2010

Hi all,

I’ve upgraded Condensation Land to use release 13558 of the Diva distribution (D2). R13558 is based on Opensim post fixes, and it incorporates all the changes and enhancements of Opensim 0.7, too numerous to list here.

D2 adds a great web new interface called “Wifi” to Opensim — you might need to redefine Condensation Land in your grid manager to make use of it. Simply open your grid manager, delete any reference to Condensation if there is any, click the “Add new grid” button, enter anything in the “Grid name” field (it will be filled automatically), and type “http://condensationland.com:9000” (without the quotes) in the “Login URI” field, then press “Get Grid info” and “Apply”.

0835 - Adding Condensation Land to Imprudence

The new web interface can be accessed at http://condensationland.com:9000/wifi — you will be able to change your password and your email, and you can do some simple forms of inventory management from the web.

0836 - Condensation Land has Wifi

Enjoy! :-) And, as always, if you find something erroneous/strange/missing, please email me and I’ll try to fix it asap.


Now running Diva distro r11766 — please check the new items in the Opensim Library

24 12 2009

Hi all,

We are now running release 11766 of the Diva distribution. As noted in this post by Diva, this release includes a very nice mechanism by which you can add content to the Opensim Library with maximum ease. I’ve added all the freebies provided by Diva (thanks! :-)), and I’ll be adding shortly other freebies prepared by Favio Piek.

As usual, please email me if you encounter any problem/difficulty, etc.

Updated to Diva r11651

10 12 2009

Hi all,

The grid has been updated to r11651 of the Diva distribution. Please email me if you find any bug, etc.

Megaregions! [Updated]

8 11 2009

Hi all,

Now the six “Condensation” regions are running as a single 2×3 megaregion. Private islands are running under a separate Opensim instance in a serverless grid configuration.

Please report any problems you might find.

[Update 20091122:] Megaregions have been deactivated as of november the 22th., until some problems with parcel media are fixed — after all Arrabal Tango club can’t exist without music, isn’t it? :-)

Now running the Diva distribution of Opensim, release r11324

25 10 2009

We are now running on release r11324 of the Diva distribution of Opensim. I did not have time to test whether megaregions work or not in this release.

Now running the Diva distribution of Opensim, release r11056

7 10 2009

We have upgraded to release r11056 of the Diva distribution of Opensim. Still problems with megaregions.

Switched to use Diva distribution r10708, without megaregions

25 09 2009
Hi all,
Condensation Land is now running the Diva distribution of Opensim, release r 10708. This release has support for megaregions, but unfortunately if we turn them on several problems appear, so they are not active at this time.