A (not so brief) history of Condensation Land

19 05 2016

Condensation Land is back (more about that later). You can read a quite detailed history of Condensation Land here.

If you want to comment, please do it here.


Updated to Diva r13861

12 09 2010

Hi all,

I’ve upgraded Condensation Land to Diva r13861 — this is the diva distribution release corresponding to Opensim, and it incorporates a two cute new logos (one saying “Diva Wifi”, and another one that says “Powered by Opensimulator”) and a number of enhancements to the Wifi pages. You can read a description of the most important changes in Diva’s article, or, if you have an account at Condensation Land, try it by yourself here.

Opensim is “a minor bug-fix release”, so that things should work more smoothly that with r13558. As always, if you encounter any problem please email me.


Condensation Land in Hyperica

18 08 2010

Maria Korolov, the editor of Hypergrid Business, has started a very nice directory of hypergrid enabled destinations called Hyperica. All the public regions in Condensation Land are listed in Hyperica: http://www.hyperica.com/tag/condensationland/.

0838 - Condensation Land in Hyperica

Indeed, we’re number seven in the top ten grids:
0839 - Condensation Land is the 7th top grid in Hyperica lol
Of course this is due to the fact that few regions have publicly enabled hypergrid yet — we’re a home-based, non-for-profit mini-world, created during our free time. Still, it’s nice to be there.

Many thanks, Maria! :-)

P.S.: I’m ashamed to add that we’ve been in Hyperica since at least March the 18, and I’ve not been able to report it till now, RL has been far too demanding lately… *sighs*