Uploading stuff with Second Inventory: a short tutorial

6 02 2010

Some people have reported difficulties in uploading stuff to the Condensation Land grid with Second Inventory. Here’s a short guide explaining how to do it. We will assume that you have bought a copy of Second Inventory, installed it, and managed to download your stuff from Second Life to your hard disk.

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How to visit the Mirror Worlds exhibition

18 01 2010

Hi all,

I’m getting a lot of questions about how to visit the Mirror Worlds exhibition. Here’s how:

Method 1: Via the hypergrid

(If you don’t know what the hypergrid is, try method 2 below).

  1. Go to  a region which is hypergrid-enabled.
  2. Open your map, and in the region name field type “condensationland.com:9000”.
  3. Press enter.
  4. Wait for the “Condensation Land” region to appear in your map.
  5. Teleport.

Please keep in mind that the Condensation Land grid is centered at 7789,7789. If your home grid is centered too far away from 7789,7889 (i.e., > 4096 in any direction) your teleport may not work. You will also need to have a home position defined to ensure that the teleport completes successfully. Finally, at the moment of this writing we are running the Diva distribution of Opensim, r11766.

Method 2: Getting an account at Condensation Land

We normally don’t give out accounts at Condensation Land, but for a limited period of time we’ll be creating free account for people wanting to visit Mirror Worlds. Please email me at zonja DOT capalini ATSIGN gmail DOT com with your first name, last name and a password of your choice; I will create an account for you as soon as I have the time.

Once you have your account created, follow these instructions to log in.

Blog post about Mirror Worlds

17 01 2010


I just posted a quite detailed article about Mirror Worlds in my personal blog.

Now running Diva distro r11766 — please check the new items in the Opensim Library

24 12 2009

Hi all,

We are now running release 11766 of the Diva distribution. As noted in this post by Diva, this release includes a very nice mechanism by which you can add content to the Opensim Library with maximum ease. I’ve added all the freebies provided by Diva (thanks! :-)), and I’ll be adding shortly other freebies prepared by Favio Piek.

As usual, please email me if you encounter any problem/difficulty, etc.

Great post by Shockwave Plasma about Condensation Land!

14 12 2009

It’s a wonderful, very detailed post. Read it here. Many thanks, Shockwave! :-)

Updated to Diva r11651

10 12 2009

Hi all,

The grid has been updated to r11651 of the Diva distribution. Please email me if you find any bug, etc.

Check the works of Florence Babenco in the Mirror Worlds exhibition!

23 11 2009

Hi all,

We have added a new artist to the Mirror Worlds exhibition: Florence Babenco. Florence is an old SL friend of Ludmilla and me, since the times of the “Las Tres Gracias” exhibition in SL, and she is a great artist. We’re very proud to have her works displayed in Mirror Worlds.

0693 - Florence Babenco in Mirror Worlds

0695 - Mirror Worlds - Update - Florence Babenco