Megaregions! [Updated]

8 11 2009

Hi all,

Now the six “Condensation” regions are running as a single 2×3 megaregion. Private islands are running under a separate Opensim instance in a serverless grid configuration.

Please report any problems you might find.

[Update 20091122:] Megaregions have been deactivated as of november the 22th., until some problems with parcel media are fixed — after all Arrabal Tango club can’t exist without music, isn’t it? :-)

The Mirror Worlds exhibition is now in alpha! [Updated]

25 10 2009

Hi all,

The exhibition in the southeast part of Condensation Land, “Mirror Worlds”, is now almost ready to be inaugurated. Currently we have works of [Update 20091123: Florence Babenco,] Ludmilla Writer, Mikil Tiki, Monika Finchy, Sennaspirit Coronet, shoshisn Shilova and myself. Sculptures by shoshisn. Do not miss it! :-)

0690 - Mirror Worlds - A permanent art exhibition in Opensim

The exhibition can be seen in this video:

and also in this one:

Check the wonderful new building by Breen Whitman located in the SE part of Condensation South!

25 10 2009

Hi all,

Breen Whitman has donated a wonderful building that I have rezzed in the SE part of Condensation South. Ludmilla and me are terraforming the island so that the building can be better viewed. Thanks Breen! :-)

You can see take a look at Breen’s building in the last seconds of this video:

Now running the Diva distribution of Opensim, release r11324

25 10 2009

We are now running on release r11324 of the Diva distribution of Opensim. I did not have time to test whether megaregions work or not in this release.

Very nice blog post about the Mirror Worlds exhibition by Albert Revolution

14 10 2009

Check Albert’s post here. Many thanks, Albert! :-)

Now running the Diva distribution of Opensim, release r11056

7 10 2009

We have upgraded to release r11056 of the Diva distribution of Opensim. Still problems with megaregions.

Switched to use Diva distribution r10708, without megaregions

25 09 2009
Hi all,
Condensation Land is now running the Diva distribution of Opensim, release r 10708. This release has support for megaregions, but unfortunately if we turn them on several problems appear, so they are not active at this time.