Switched to use Diva distribution r10708, without megaregions

25 09 2009
Hi all,
Condensation Land is now running the Diva distribution of Opensim, release r 10708. This release has support for megaregions, but unfortunately if we turn them on several problems appear, so they are not active at this time.

Now running Opensim WITHOUT the Parallel Selves Bridge

1 08 2009

Hi all,

I have updated to Opensim version, which should solve teleport problems to OSGrid (but may cause teleport problems to our grid from other grids that are using older releases *sighs*). The Parallel Selves Message Bridge does NOT work with this release — please refrain from using it.

Switched to use the XEngine script engine

18 05 2009

We started using the XEngine script engine today. Please report any funny behaviour, bugs etc.

Now running Opensim v0.6.4.9561 with hypergrid enabled

16 05 2009

Please report strange behaviour and/or bugs, if any.

Now running Opensim 0.6.4-postfixes with hypergrid enabled

12 05 2009

Please email me if there is anything unusual or suspicious.

New animations in Arrabal!

26 03 2009

We have put new animations in Arrabal Tango Club. Now all stools, chairs, sofas and benches should allow proper sit. There is a barman animation in the bar, and a piano anim in the piano. There is even a sing anim near the piano — just pick a copy of the mic over the piano, wear it, and jump on the ball!