[This information is completely outdated. It is kept here for historical purposes only – 20160518]


You can connect to Condensation Land using any Second Life compatible viewer software. However, the recommended client is Mana Janus’ Hippo viewer.

The Hippo viewer allows the creation and visualization of prims with hollows of up to 99%, versus the default of 95% used by most SL clients. Condensation Land uses prims with hollows of 99% in some places; if you use a client that does not support > 95% hollows, some prims may not display properly.

Quick installation and setup guide:

  1. Please use the following links to download the Hippo viewer:
  2. Install the viewer.
  3. Start the viewer.
  4. Press the “Grids” button to open the grid manager.
  5. Click the “Add” button. Go to the “Login Uri” field and enter:

    Then press “Get Grid Info” and wait some seconds until the form fills automatically.

    [Note: If the form does not fill or you get an error message, the grid may be down or maybe the network is slow in responding. Please wait one minute and try again]

  6. Press “Apply”
  7. Press “Default”
  8. Voilà! You’re now set up to access the Condensation Land Grid.

7 responses

18 01 2010

i tryd Hippo dear ut i cant log in

18 01 2010
23 01 2010
florence babenco

very easy to go there, the explanations above are very clear. Thank you Zonja to have facilitated the connexion!!
Good Work ….. see you :))

23 01 2010
Zonja Capalini

A pleasure :-) The same explanations are scattered elsewhere, but I thought that having them collected here would come handy. Glad they were useful for you :-)

8 02 2010
Mikil Tiki

I won’t repeat it
ok I do
you are doing a fantastic job Zonja

8 02 2010
Zonja Capalini

Thank you! :-) I love my virtual life too much to leave it all in the hands of a private company like Linden Lab, that’s why I’m doing all that — to see if I can survive when/if SL is bought by Disney, or Sony, or the Vatican :-) And it wouldn’t make any sense if I survived alone, with no one to talk to, so it needs to be made in such a way that other people also want to migrate. Thanks for being there from the first moment :-)

8 02 2010
Zonja Capalini

@Nessy: Your comment was in the spam bin — solved by other means anyway :-)

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